About Us


Mirak Agricultural Services is the regions leading grower and exporter of fruits and vegetables for over 20 years. The name has become almost synonymous with locally grown, prime quality Fruits and Vegetables. The company has established different segment over past years which fall under Mirak group, the segments are: Mirak Agricultural Services, Mirak Trading LLC, Mirak Printed Roses, Mirak Flowers and Mirak Landscaping and Irrigation. The Mirak Group envisions becoming leaders in the region using new technologies and providing practical and efficient solutions to serving the needs and demands of the growing green sector, while focusing on sustainability and environmental protection. For over 20 years Mirak, the regions biggest and largest producer of fresh vegetables and fruits has dedicated itself to delivering the best possible quality food in GCC. By 2009 the company has more than 200 hectares of farms in Sharjah and Al Ain. The current annual production is exceeds 8000 tons.

Before Mirak started operating - the region depended solely on the seasonal imports from various countries thus making the market completely dependant on shipments from outside. The company was established in 1985 with a mission to produce the highest quality fruits and vegetables for distribution in the G.C.C markets and export to countries like the Far East, South Africa and Europe. The items produced by Mirak were normally imported from Europe, USA, and other countries that are major producer worldwide and are imported at high prices.

For over 36 years Mirak Agricultural Services have supplied the region and many parts of the world with superior quality, natural goods. Witnessing UAE's rapid growth, we have also made a huge step. We have tailored innovative ways and developed advance techniques of plant cultivation, specifically for the local climatic conditions. Growing vegetables and plants in the desert was once considered impossible- but with innovation, technology and determination these were accomplished. The fact that Mirak Agricultural Services has become internationally known is a good example that our products and services are the highest quality.

Over the past decade the company has been researching and conducting development programs with the aim to produce high value and quality crops suitable for world's most demanding markets, at the lowest possible costs and no effects to the environment. Mirak's main policy in production of crops is to limit the use of chemical that is becoming a normal practice with many growers around the world. Although we are not Organic Growers, most of our crops are very close to it. The technologies and techniques developed by Mirak include growing in hydroponics systems (the Vertical Growing and Channels System of growing), adapted to the U.A.E. climatic and growing conditions. Saving more than 90% of water used in irrigation of crops, is very low usage of high quality fertilizer applications. Chemicals are seldom used and if necessary, we use very safe ones that are internationally acceptable and approved by WHO. Instead, we implement a vigorous and wide range of preventive measures to avoid using chemicals on our crops.

Mirak uses latest technologies and techniques to produce: Strawberries, Iceberg Lettuce, Celery Sticks, Broccoli, Fennel, Leeks, Lollo Rosso, Cherry Tomatoes, French Beans, Helda Beans, Herbs, Bruch Tomatoes, Beef Tomatoes, Baby Marrow, Sweet melon, Okra, Capsicum red, yellow, orange, green and a host of other crops which meets the highest standards of quality and packaging suitable for Supermarkets, and consumers at large worldwide.