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Production Period Extension

The production season in the UAE is normally from December through May, although we have been able to extend production to an earlier start and later finish than these periods by utilizing our unique facilities we have established in the farm. These facilities include a state of the art Germination Room which allows for germinating various vegetable seeds under ideal conditions and when normally it is not possible. As well, one hectare of controlled environment greenhouses, used to establish and grow seedlings of various vegetables for more than half of its normal growing period prior to planting in the open field where it grows for much shorter periods before harvesting takes place.

During the idle summer months when there are no production of vegetables, Mirak Agricultural Services has established one of the largest nurseries in the UAE for production and propagation of ornamental plants, trees, shrubs, ground covers, carpet grass (turf), as well as seasonal flowering plants for supply to local market of landscape and horticulture. All of the facilities are used during the summer whereby we are continuously busy and utilize the company resources effectively and optimally.