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Post Harvest Treatment & Packaging

Post-Harvest of our crops is the most crucial procedure of ensuring our customers receive the highest quality products from our farms. Our packaging materials are ensured the highest quality in order to store the fruits and vegetables in the optimum conditions for the consumer.

We use latest technologies in Post-Harvest treatments such as: Vacuum cooling, Blast cooling, and Hydro cooling, and our distribution center holds more than 18,000 tons of product in our state of the art Cold Storage facility.

In order to ease the transportation and keep the "Cool Chain" for the products, our facilities include cold storages with pre-cooling chambers, vacuum cooling chambers, cooled packaging rooms, refrigerated trucks, etc. All of our staff are highly specialized and qualified in order to achieve highest quality yield, and we are constantly upgrading our Post-Harvest facilities in order to be able to deliver the best quality to our clients.