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Hydro-Ponic Systems

There are three types of Hydro-Ponic systems implemented in our farms. The Vertical Growing System consists of specially designed growing pots that allow vertical stacking of up-to ten pots on top of each other, filled with special mixture of media, and allows watering from the top draining downwards. At the bottom, a plastic collector container collects excess water and returns back to the main water reservoir, allowing water recycling as well as the fertilizers contained in the water, thereby saving water and fertilizers to a great extent.

The Channels System is uniquely developed by Mirak Agricultural Services for open field production of vegetables and strawberries allowing recycling of irrigated water and fertilizers. Specially designed channels with perforated PVC pipes are installed under ground and topped with a specially blended growing media for plants to grow in.

The Bench Pot Growing System is also uniquely developed, implemented and adopted to UAE Climatic condition by Mirak Agricultural Services. This system has proved to be the most efficient and suitable for growing many crops in the UAE harsh conditions that can compete with the best in the world. Mirak has the Largest open Field Hydro-Ponic Growing system in the World, with over 165 acres of this Bench Pot Growing System in all of our farms. These three systems, if implemented on a large scale in the UAE, and other regions, will preserve the natural resources of the country, mainly water, and will allow efficient and cost effectiveness of production of many vegetables with increased yields and quality.