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Greenhouses & Germination Rooms

Considering the local weather conditions, we built Ten hectares of controlled-environment greenhouses of which 4 hectares are glass houses, 4 hectares of Polycarbonate houses and the remaining 2 hectares are plastics greenhouses. Seedlings are very delicate and need optimized weather conditions to develop properly. We use specially designed and manufactured seedling trays, that have helped us reduce the costs involved in production of seedling plants for cultivation. At our greenhouses we monitor the weather conditions carefully, ensuring the fastest and healthiest plant growth. Once the plants reach the right size it is safe to move them outside.

State of the art Germination Room used for germinating various vegetable seeds under ideal conditions. This controlled environment allows obtaining proper temperatures, humidity, and lighting for plant growth. Celery and Lettuce seedlings are a perfect example here. In UAE's natural conditions the production would start only around January. Our germination room allows us to start sometimes as early as November. Therefore locally grown lettuce and celery are available over a month earlier.