Mirak's main policy in production of crops is to limit the use of chemical that is becoming a normal practice with many growers around the world. Although we are not Organic Growers, most of our crops are very close to it. Chemicals are seldom used and if necessary, we use very safe ones that are internationally acceptable and approved by WHO. Instead, we implement a vigorous and wide range of preventive measures to avoid using chemicals on our crops.

Mirak uses latest technologies and techniques in growing our crops using locally designed, implemented and adopted Hydro-Ponic growing systems. The technologies and techniques developed by Mirak include Vertical Growing, Channels System of growing and Bench Pot Growing system, adapted to the UAE climatic and growing conditions. Saving more than 90% of water used in irrigation of crops recycling back into the system, very low usage of high quality, soluble fertilizer applications, very low and in many cases no usage of harmful chemicals at all, are among the main features of these growing systems. No more growing in the soil but in specially blended Media Mixture assures no usage of chemicals normally used prior to and during planting in soil based crops.