Armenia Operations


Mirak Group and BIGA Mushrooms started the joint venture in 2011, with BIGA Mushrooms having a current production capacity of 2 tons per day and planing for increasing production capacity to 3 tons per day.

BIGA Mushrooms is using the latest dutch technologies in the production of the mushrooms in order to achieve high quality and maximum yield from the said areas.

We are exporting mushrooms throughout the GCC and Asia, and looking to expand to Southeast Asia. The mushrooms are packed in 250g punnets with 8 punnets in a carton, having a net weight of 2kg.

We have established a 1 hectare glasshouse using latest technologies for the production of Tomatoes, Bunch Tomatoes, Cherry Tomatoes and other High Value crops.

We also now have 4 hectares of strawberry, 4 hectares of raspberry, and 15 hectares of cherry production in Armenia, implementing our newest technology and high standards.

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